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This is your Golden Ticket

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This is your Golden Ticket

“The thing about 101 Financial, it seems too good to be true when you hear, “I had $300,000 in debt and I paid it off with the help of 101!” fueling the skeptics in most people. I was definitely that skeptic, but I was also desperately in debt, avoided opening my bills and was ready to divorce my husband because it was so stressful not having a budget to live by. Tara Fukunaga never judged me, kept encouraging me and totally helped me and my husband by EDUCATING us on a much easier version of a budget. What relief!

Wanna know something else? You can fall off the bandwagon and Alan and his amazing angels swoop back in to lift you back up. When you lose sight of the shore, your 101 instructor will always help navigate you back on course, never giving up on you, never judging you and ALWAYS supporting you because they are the real deal. People who want to help people – that’s what 101 is about.

Don’t let the opportunity of a financial education to bring you financial freedom go ignored too long. This is your Golden Ticket… Fo’ real kine!

Mahalo Tara Fukunaga for your support, patience and love.”

— Keala Kadooka