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With 101 it’s Forward Progress

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With 101 it’s Forward Progress

“After joining 101 Financial, we were able to capitalize on making better more effective banking decisions. The program has helped us eliminate around $15,000.00 in debt within the first 10 months. If we took a more aggressive approach towards the debt, we could have doubled that amount. Our lifestyle hasn’t changed and we are now even more aware where our cash is going. And this enables us to do more, or less, depending the situation.

Like most people we had a plan to conquer debt. Save a little, pay a little, and spend a little. What happens is the rotation get’s un-balanced, and you’re back where you started. With 101, its forward progress.

When I got back my two credit card statements that read $0.00 balance, just that feeling your debt is just rapidly decreasing faster than imagined, is awesome.”

— Rey Palacol, Marysville, WA, Since February 2010

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