Why 101 Financial – 101 Financial

Why 101 Financial?

With debt levels across America soaring, and families finding it harder to get by every day, doesn’t it make sense to take control of your finances once and for all, and get out of debt for good? You bet!

The fact is, paying off your debt is the safest and best financial move you will ever make. Our 101 Financial System is a simple starting point for taking control of your finances and getting your personal finances on-track.

We Rescue Middle-Income Families From Financial Stress
101 Financial is a financial education company which focuses on helping middle-income families and adults take control of their financial lives. We provide educational classes that help our students budget better, bank smarter, manage debt better and build strong credit. Since 2002, our 101 Financial System has helped thousands of individuals and families experience Financial Peace of Mind.

How We Do It
101 Financial provides personalized financial education classes for each of our students. Our 101 Financial Instructors meet privately with each student over the phone, online or on their “kitchen table” to help them organize their entire financial lives and to get out of debt in the shortest period of time.

We Bring Financial Literacy To The Masses… One Family At a Time
It’s all based on these key areas, that put you on the path  to financial “peace of mind”…

1) Better Budgeting
2) Smart Banking
3) Debt Management
4) Credit Building

We’re In Your Corner Every Step Of The Way
Our 101 Financial Instructors can help you take control of your finances, and adopt best practices in personal finance management for one big reason. Each of our 101

Instructors is a 101 Students, too! They have been exactly where you may be now with your finances. They leveraged the 101 Financial System to take control of their finances, and continue to use the system to maintain their “financial peace of mind” for their family’s benefit.

We want you to know that we’re in your corner, every step of the way, from this day forward.  Your personal 101 Financial Instructor will be by your side, to guide you through the system, and answer any questions you have along the way.

We Deliver Financial Peace of Mind
As a student in our 101 Financial System, you will be able to take control of your financial life, making improvements in how you manage your personal finances, as you complete each of your 101 Financial Classes.  You can look forward to enjoying the financial “peace of mind” you’ve dreamed of, as you improve your financial situation.  You’ll soon discover our proven methods for organizing your finances, establishing a monthly budget, increasing your monthly cash flow, understanding and increasing your credit score, and much more, all by following your Personal 90-Day Financial Plan, that we create for you.Then you’ll be guided in our advanced personal finances trainings, which will enable you to eliminate all of your consumer debt, and manage your income and expenses easily.  These steps will bring you the ability to pay off your mortgage, if you have one, in just a fraction of the time it would take you on your own. Our average student with a mortgage is able to pay off a 30 year mortgage in as little as 5 to 8 years.  With our 101 Financial System, you will know how to do the same thing for your family, saving you tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of interest payments in the process.

Giving The Legacy of Financial Peace of Mind
You will look back on the day you made the wise decision to become a 101 Financial Student as the turning point in your financial life. Because the relationship you’ve started with 101 Financial will enable you to develop successful money management skills and practices that will last a lifetime. And that’s something to get excited about!When you take your new financial education to the next level, and share these powerful methods and principles with your children and your family, they will be sure to go on to live lives of financial peace of mind, too. You will always be confident that your family knows how to manage their finances, and are able to live a life free from money problems for the rest of their lives, too.

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