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Which Story Will Be Yours?

Which Story Will Be Yours?

Everybody has a story. And the older you are, the more your story plays out.

As you get older, will your story be all about a life of debt, stress and hopelessness?

Or an awesome story of living a life of prosperity, living debt free and living the life you want to live?

The answer lies with you. Because all of our stories are created by the actions we take every day.

Do you think of the consequences of buying that 84 inch TV before you buy it? What about when you spend your whole paycheck, and have nothing in the bank to show for it?

How about eating out in nice restaurants on a regular basis, and putting it all on a credit card which the balance just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger?

When it comes to personal finances, you are the one who writes your story. And you can make your story turn out any way you wish.

Why would you create a story of debt and stress, when you could paint a picture of your dream life? Which would include:

Setting a budget and sticking to it.

Living within your means.

Using credit wisely.

Saving to buy what you want.

Putting money in the bank for a rainy day.

Investing in your retirement now, instead of waiting till the last minute.

And enjoying every day. Doing what you want to do. Having the nice things you want to have. All without stress from a mountain of debt.
I hope this look into your future is a wake up call for you.

Now that you know it’s YOU who can write any story about your life that you want…

Go out there and write your story of an awesome, enjoyable life.

By taking the actions now that will create your awesome story.

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