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Industry Experts

Wealth Academy is a team of financial experts who have come together to help you grow and protect your wealth. Faculty members are not only experts in their fields, but they understand the 101 System. These professionals know your goals and understand the methods you are using to achieve them.

Course Content

This program provides an incredible amount of educational content designed so you can learn at your own pace. In addition to providing expert contacts, the Wealth Academy is continually adding new content in the form of course materials, webinars, live events, Q&As, investing opportunities, peer meetings, and more.


Join a community of like-minded individuals with goals of building wealth and maintaining financial freedom. Wealth Academy facilitates engaging peer discussions via in-person gatherings, virtual meetings, chat groups, and more.

Wealth Academy empowers you to live your very best financial life.

Wealth Academy is the #1 most exclusive financial education membership. This program includes exclusive content to help you build wealth and protect your assets. Wealth Academy is for 101 Financial students who are ready to take the next steps. Once you have mastered the 101 System by banking smarter, managing debt, budgeting better, and building credit, the next step is to build wealth.

The Program Includes:

Advanced courses


Live events

Investment opportunities

Exclusive partnerships

Professional guidance

And more

As a Member, You Will:

LEARN investing strategies

PROTECT your loved ones and your assets

LIVE your entrepreneurial dream

MINIMIZE your tax liability

DEVELOP the leadership and thinking skills that will ultimately bring you true, lifelong happiness

Build confidence that comes through education. Learn secrets and strategies for building generational wealth for your family with exclusive content designed to shorten the learning curve. It takes time and money to learn on your own through trial and error. Instead, let the Wealth Academy guide you on your journey so you can build wealth faster and live your very best financial life.


Investing, mortgages, and HELOCs

Asset Protection: life insurance and estate planning

Asset Accumulation: paper, business, and real estate

Taxes & Corporations: tax liability and business entities

Millionaire Mindset: leadership and thinking skills


Wealth Academy has three membership tiers to give every 101 Financial student the opportunity to join.



Unlimited Access to Online Courses
Investing Using a HELOC
Professional Life Insurance Review
Free Self-Guided Estate Plan (Will & Trust)
Tax Preparation by CPA
Live Exclusive Webinars
…and more!

$2,495 + $9.95/mo



Investors Club

LLC Setup Resources
Bird Dog Investing Program
Cash-Flowing Real Estate Investing Opportunities
Schedule C Tax Preparation
Discounts for Exclusive Wealth Academy Events
…and more!

$4,995 + $24.95/mo



Inner Circle

Investors Club
Commercial Real Estate Investing Opportunities
Hard Money Lending Access
Mastermind Group Access
First Priority Access to Exclusive Wealth Academy Fix & Flip Investments
…and more!

$8,995 + $49.95/mo


"Enrolling in the Wealth Academy was such a great decision. The protection and the benefits the Wealth Academy provides is so worth the investment."


"I can't even tell you how grateful we are! We basically feel like we got Wealth Academy for free because of how it was able to help us."

"By far, the most exciting part of 101 is Wealth Academy. It's an invaluable resource for any business owner or anyone who wants to create wealth."

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Watch the recording of the Introduction to Wealth Academy webinar to learn more. Live monthly webinars are coming soon.


Learn more about how to build wealth and get a glimpse of the content available to Wealth Academy members.


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