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We Will Have Our Conventional Mortgage Paid Off In Full

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We Will Have Our Conventional Mortgage Paid Off In Full

When Cameron and I first started the 101 Financial System in 2009 we were in pretty good shape, but far from being financially fit. Most of what I knew about finances came from Cameron’s solid habits. We owned an investment home in Utah and had just bought our first home for us where we were living in Washington.

I had just given birth to our second child and I was a full time stay at home mom. Neither of us had any college debt or outside consumer debt, but money was tight and was also the center of most disagreements. In most relationships you will come across the spender and the saver.

Spoiler alert: I am the spender.

After five years of marriage and telling Alan Akina, our longtime friend, that 101 Financial wasn’t for us, we finally decided that we would give 101 a try. I was supportive in my husband’s decision, but had no idea what that meant for me; the spender. Well, let me tell you. It was long talks about what I spent at Target, followed by threats of no more name brand jeans… my kryptonite.

Like a faithful student, Cameron attended the workshop alone, and even did a few classes without me. He was even hesitant when he paid $3,100 straight to our mortgage principal in the first class. But soon he started to understand where our money was going and wished for me to learn alongside him.

I had unknowingly grown accustomed to my mother and father’s lifestyle. By no means were they extravagant but money wasn’t an issue. I had to learn that I was my own financial obligation, no one else’s. And now that I was married with a family, it became increasingly apparent that I needed to learn financial accountability.

I started this journey with no understanding of finances, not even understanding how to use a credit card. I tried to catch up to Cameron’s accounting background, and grew more and more excited as we started to familiarize ourselves with the program.

To my surprise, my oldest son was born with a clubfoot that had gone unnoticed in the ultrasound. We were hit with unforeseen medical expenses totaling in the upwards of $20,000 dollars. With the help of 101 Financial, we were able to pay off all of his medical expenses in a matter of months. And pay for any necessary treatments without feeling burdened.

I was able to provide the best for him. Within the first year, the financial stress lessened and we bought and paid off two cars. I was able to travel home to Hawaii for months at a time and still attack our Washington mortgage.

In the next few years we were able to bring our Washington mortgage down $60,000 from our original purchase price. We’ve since then leveraged the 101 Financial System to move us home to Hawaii, pay for, start up and bond our own General Contracting company, Evolution Builders. We paid off five more cars, including two work trucks, and two old cars for hobby. We also became part owners at Crossfit Zeus, where we were able to pay our share in cash, and even save over $10,000 in cash in five months. In four months we paid off our $22,000 Disney Vacation Club timeshare membership and most importantly we were able to create memories with our family.

One of the best things about being a 101 Financial System student is the comfort and flexibility of the roadmap. In the last six years our family has gone back to Seattle to visit friends and family; visited Mickey Mouse and Aulani 4 times, Disneyland 6 times, Disney World, Las Vegas 4 times, and even Utah, Mexico, Hilo, and Maui.

In July of 2014 Cameron and I finally bought our current home on Oahu. Excited to own in Hawaii, we made a goal to pay our home off in less than 8 years. Just shy of our home’s 2 year anniversary we will have our conventional mortgage paid off in full. Shattering any previous goals that we had made.

I cannot even begin to express the gratitude that I have to Alan and 101 FInancial for educating us on a better way; for pushing us to continue to learn and expand our knowledge base. To look and think outside the box, to surround ourselves with the right people, to focus on the big picture, to go after what we want and live the life we want to live.

The only joy that is better than seeing your child’s face light up the first time they see Mickey, is knowing that they will be able to perpetuate this knowledge for generations to come.

Maya Angelou said it best, “Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.”

– Kamaile and Cameron Heide