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We Do Have One Big Regret… That We Didn’t Start This Sooner!

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We Do Have One Big Regret… That We Didn’t Start This Sooner!

We have only been on this journey for 4 months and what an amazing journey it has been this far. Our financial lives forever changed, thanks to 101 Financial.

Before 101 Financial, we were having a hard time making ends meet. We had just enough to pay our bills, and would be in the negative most times. We were trying to pay down our credit cards, but that was getting us nowhere! Now faced with the hard fact that the beautiful place we were living in was no longer affordable, we thought that the only choice we had was to move. Since it was so expensive to live in Hawaii, moving to the mainland became our focus.

Before that could happen, Shane brought up his parents’ success with 101 Financial. While Shane was sharing that with me, I recalled that my daughter had told me about 101 Financial a year prior. So, we looked into it and heard more success stories from a few of our friends who were greatly benefiting from the 101 Financial System. That encouraged us take the leap of faith!  After all, from what we were hearing, we had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

It was difficult to wrap our conventional banking minds around this newly taught knowledge, but we could clearly see it all coming together. We regained control of our finances from the very first day. During that first class, our Instructor Soriah asked us to list our goals. For as long as we could remember the goal was to be debt free. We honestly never thought past that.

She then asked us to list anything and everything we have been wanting to do. Wide eyed with excitement, and wondering if this was really possible… she said GO FOR IT! So we listed a total of four goals. Number one was of course being debt free. Within 60 days, we paid off $12,000. Did we REALLY just do that? Holy cow, we’re debt free!

We did that with me on workman’s comp, receiving only 60% of my normal take-home pay. We just couldn’t believe what was happening! If that wasn’t enough, a month later in September, we completed goals #2 and #3, taking a trip for just for us, and taking a family trip. WOW. The best part was, our trips were paid off before we left. We were amazed.

The awesomeness hasn’t stopped, either. We got invited by a family to join them on a trip to Disneyland this Christmas. Thanks to our newfound knowledge and control of our finances, we happily accepted.  We would have never been able to do three trips in one year, let alone within a couple months of each other, if it wasn’t for 101 Financial.

We do have one big regret… that we didn’t start this sooner! What a beautiful thing it is to have financial peace of mind!

Excited with the knowledge and financial freedom we have gained, we knew the next step was to become Instructors. We care deeply about our family and friends and are passionate about helping them build their own 101 Financial success story.

Thank you Alan Akina for sharing this wealth of knowledge! It has forever changed our lives.

– Nicky Keama & Shane Yamauchi