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We Cut Our Debt In Half In a Little More Than 3 Months

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We Cut Our Debt In Half In a Little More Than 3 Months

I knew about 101 Financial for a few years before my wife and I actually signed up. My brother had been doing it for a couple of years, yet, he never really explained how the program worked. For someone who is constantly traveling the world it seemed to be working well for him, and 101 Financial has supported his lifestyle. Since I never had much knowledge on the program, I was skeptical of it and never really took any interest.

Fast forward to 2015, I met the love of my life and we got married in June. Currently we live in Edwards, CA where my wife is stationed for the Air Force while I attend school full-time as a Veteran. Considering that we had to move from Hawaii, we accumulated about $26,000 of debt.

Before joining 101 Financial we were very responsible with budgeting, however, we were not where we wanted to be and still found ourselves stuck at the same spot. Eventually it created unwanted frustration and problems at home. Then in November my wife and I were blessed with news that we were going to have our first Keiki. That’s when I realized we needed help in finding a better way to handle our financial situation.

In January of this year we finally decided to see what 101 was all about. Jodee was very informative and helpful during our orientation. Immediately my wife and I became students and it was such a relief for us. In just a little over three months we were able to cut our debt down to half.

Considering that we only have one income and some benefits from the VA, it was a great accomplishment for us. Also, we were able to enjoy ourselves during the weekend and take road trips to places such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

Today we’ve realized how much The 101 Financial System has changed our lives. It has allowed us to live a better and more relaxing life. When our baby girl arrives in August, 101 Financial will provide us the opportunity to give her the best life we can possibly offer her. Ultimately, we’re very thankful for the knowledge that we’ve gained from our instructor Jodee. We’d also like to thank Alan for all that you do. If there is anyone out there that is considering 101, I highly suggest you sign up!

– Jeremy and Kristen Fuller