We Are True Believers

Our introduction to 101 Financial was made through our daughter and son-in-law Megan and Matt DeHart. Matt invited me to visit with Alan Akina at Matt and Megan’s home in July, 2018.

I was impressed with Alan’s presentation and decided to follow up and perhaps pursue a path forward,

I chose to have Monica Bambrough as our mentor to work with us since it involved detailed financial issues. The one thing that I have appreciated about our 101 experience was the re-education I have gone through in money management. I graduated from BYU in finance and banking and obtained a Masters in Banking through the American Bankers Association at the University of Oklahoma. I soon realized I had been following poor financial advice for decades.

I have started many businesses since leaving the banking industry. Through the years I have raised millions of dollars in venture capital, but was on a misguided personal financial road. I am the founder and Chairman of the Board of Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. We are nationwide with over 66 franchises in the system.

I have had to refinance our home many times to inject capital into the business and when we started with 101, our mortgage was over $346,000, with a ZFS loan and a vehicle financed. We started with a $50,000 unsecured line of credit and eventually paid that off and moved to a HELOC on our home and used $346,000 to pay off our mortgage. By December 2019 our HELOC was $212,900. At Feb 2020, our HELOC is down to $179,000. We will have the HELOC paid off by August of this year. From January, 2019 to February 2020, we reduced our mortgage balance by $167,000 in addition to paying off all other debt in late 2018.

Now, I will tell anyone who asks that our positive cash flow is more substantial than many. But the same principles we applied in 101 Financial applies to anyone who is willing to budget, monitor living expenses and build equity instead of pushing money down rat holes that produce no or prolonged results as learned from traditional educators. It would have taken 16 years to pay off our mortgage if we had stayed on the traditional path. We will be totally out of the HELOC, which is our only debt, in just about 2 ½ years from start to finish. This even includes money spent for an Israel trip, a vacation to the 2020 Kentucky Derby and a large investment in our new Zerorez office building.

Then beginning in September 2020, we just build cash savings and up our game to other investments to shelter as much income as possible through advanced programs in the 101 Financial system. Furthermore, Zerorez has implemented the very same principles in its own cash flow management which has allowed the company to pay off a million dollar line of credit in 2 years and build our own office building. All of the Zerorez senior officers are following the same 101 principles in their personal lives.

-Gaylord Karren