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We Are So Grateful We Decided To Start 101 Financial

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We Are So Grateful We Decided To Start 101 Financial

When David & I were first married, we would do our finances together. Eventually I took over paying our bills and balancing the checkbook. Long story short, David is now in charge of finances and we’ve been better because of it.

He has our online payments scheduled and makes sure we have the money to pay off credit cards in full each month. And he makes sure we don’t use more money than we have in our account.

We’ve watched some of Alan’s videos and wanted to get more information about 101. We knew people we could ask but somehow never got around to it. We’ve known several people who have posted on social media how The 101 Financial System has helped them buy a house, get out of huge debt or pay for a new car.

Somehow we didn’t feel the urgency to find out more since we weren’t trapped with a lot of debt. The only debt we’ve had in our almost 10 years of marriage was my student loans from college. And with the Federal Teacher Forgiveness Program we eliminated the last $10,000 left on the loan.

We had car payments, but the interest rate was at 0% so we didn’t have to worry about paying more than we had signed up for. We weren’t living paycheck to paycheck, we paid our bills on time and had a pretty good credit score.

We were fortunate enough to recently buy a house, so now we have a mortgage and started paying for bills that go with owning your own home.

I guess it’s all about timing. We now had more friends and family that are associated with 101 Financial. They’ve asked if we wanted to go to a meeting or to a meeting in town, but for one reason or another we would miss the event. We finally had a chance to attend a meeting, heard the presentation and decided it was the right time to get started.

We met with our cousin, Soriah Tuimaunei in April 2016 and hit the ground running. Once we started, we were able to pay off the remaining $10,000 on our car and paid $45,000 toward our mortgage.

We are so grateful that we decided to start 101 Financial so we could start eliminating the rest of our mortgage faster than we could have on our own. Eventually we want to buy more property, get an additional car and go on more family vacations.

– David and Carol Yuen