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101’s Caring and Sharing is the True Spirit of Aloha

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101’s Caring and Sharing is the True Spirit of Aloha

“Seven months ago we accepted the fact that we would be 80 years old by the time we paid up our mortgage. We figured we would be on a fixed income when we retire and that was it. We would retire, pay our mortgage, surf, grow our garden and downscale on the fine things in life. We thought we should travel now while we are working cause when we retire we would not be able to afford it. That fact has now turned into fiction and now we can do more that we could ever imagine. Finances was never my forte I could never balance a check book. Now, I don’t have to worry about balancing that check book anymore!

Prior to 101 Financial, I was totally disorganized. It took me a whole month to complete the initial analysis. I never paid attention to finance charges or interest rates. I spent many evenings writing checks, licking envelopes and applying stamps. After working with 101 Financial, I have become organized. I know exactly how much I have in my checking account. I spend less time writing checks and using stamps. I feel an empowerment that helps me to feel extremely happy, smarter, wise and well-balanced.

We were and still am totally ecstatic to have paid off that mortgage debt in a shorter time period that projected in the analysis. The acceleration is a celebration! It is truly an answer to financial prayer.

I would definitely recommend 101 Financial to our friends, families, and co-workers. We have been telling may people what 101 Financial has done for us because we want them to feel the freedom and happiness we feel. We want them to feel empowered and to know there is more to life when learning how to tackle your debts. We want them to have that financial peace of mind.

We are grateful for the 101 Financial people who have come into our life. You folks are genuine. Your caring and sharing is the true spirit of aloha. I mua!”

— Jeannine & John Holi – Waipahu, HI – Since January 2010