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I have to be Honest – the System is Different

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I have to be Honest – the System is Different

“I have been a 101 student since August of 2007. At that time I had already embarked on a personal mission to get out of debt. I had two jobs but over $25K in credit card debt and a car loan. It was embarrassing to admit. I thought I was doing everything right as an adult, but didn’t know how I got myself into such a predicament.

I know I didn’t want to get another loan, and was determined to do it myself. One day I saw Oprah Winfrey launch a Debt Diet program with financial gurus. It was doing wonders for people so I figured it could work for me. I went online and downloaded the paper work and dived right it. It had its own financial worksheet and I followed the instructions. No soon after did I hit a wall. It instructed me to start cutting back on my spending. You know what? I already did that.

Now what? I had questions and wanted options but I didn’t have Oprah’s power team on speed dial. So I got discouraged and never followed through and went back to being depressed.

Then my friend told me that her friend, Sharon Maeda, taught people how to get out of debt. My eyes lit up and I was excited to learn that there was someone in Hilo I could talk to about this. We finally met at Jack In A Box and in that two hours, let’s just say I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She drew pictures on her pad that gave me a better understanding about debt and interest. It was also comforting to know that it was not all my fault. There was a lot I didn’t know about the banking system. I could not wait to get started and have continued to move forward in my life since that very day.

I have to be honest, the system is different. It took a lot of getting used to and I am so glad that I wasn’t alone. I had the help of Sharon to guide me along the way. I started paying off my debt immediately! After the first class I was able to make a $1200 payment to a credit card. I was floored! I was hesitant to make that payment because I didn’t fully understand how that was possible.

In the second, third and fourth month of doing the system I paid off three credit cards. I never had so much fun paying my bills! I even drew smileys on the memo lines and balloons on the envelopes every time I made my last payment. I was debt free in sixteen months. It’s funny because it took nine years to rack up the debt I accumulated. Along the process I became a changed person.

Prior to 101 I was VERY unhappy. Debt controlled me every day. I was stressed, depressed and angry. I woke up with these emotions in the morning, and went to bed feeling this way for a long time. 101 empowered me and I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I now could move forward and concentrate on the next step, building wealth. Knowing what I learned I used the same tools and strategies to start saving for my first home and start a home business simultaneously.

However the most important thing I can say is how 101 has benefitted me today. Right now, times are hard. However, the system prepares you for life’s unanticipated events especially if they come one after another.

The last two years have been filled with events that could have drastically affected my financial well being. A major car repair, illness that kept me from working, downsized from my second job and the continuing rise in the cost of living would’ve put me at the mercy of a government program or my family. But because I have been living the 101 Financial way, I am doing just fine. It may seem grim at times, but simply applying the techniques and being smarter, causes me to be proactive instead of giving up. This is called living with financial peace of mind. If I didn’t have 101 in my life I do not know where I’d be.”

— Anna Corpuz, Hawaii