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This is the Real Deal

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This is the Real Deal

“We have been on the 101 Financial system since October 2010. At the time, we had no credit and struggled with the fact that we had to pay a tuition. Because of a persistent mom, she literally forced us to experience this journey with 101 Financial.

Reluctantly, we took her advice and quickly learned that there are tools out there that we were not aware of that helped us to be where we are today. Through 101 Financial, in 1 year we were able to pay our tuition, wedding expenses, and pay off our car totaling $30,000. We were also able to obtain a high credit score. This is unheard of but it is so real.

Our next goal is to purchase a home and we are confident that if we stay on track, this dream will become a reality. With our second baby on the way, it is comforting to know that we will be able to provide for our children and won’t have to struggle in life.

Thank you Alan for the education that you have made available to us. All we can say to our family and friends, this is the real deal!”

— Kamakana & Jaeleen Bertelmann, Kamuela, Hawaii