The Possibilities are Truly Amazing

Mike and I have been doing a lot of changing in both our health and our finances. We are feeling so much better about both parts of our lives!

Before starting Financial 101, we really struggled with staying on a budget, having enough to meet our needs each month, and using credit cards to do our “fun” things.

We felt trapped because we were constantly living paycheck to paycheck without an end in sight.

After we started Financial 101, we realized quickly the value of staying on a budget and using projections. The freedom that comes from doing that is incredible! We also understood the benefit of positive cash flow and paying off our credit card debt and putting money toward our mortgage!

We did have to sell our pickup and camp trailer for now to maximize our ability to pay off our mortgage. We know we will be able to get both a pickup and a trailer again after we get our mortgage paid off. The wait will be so worth it! We are so excited for all the possibilities now!

I would highly recommend using Financial 101 for getting on track with your finances and for future adventures. The possibilities are truly amazing!

– Sharee & Mike Millet – UT