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The Future is Bright!

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The Future is Bright!

We were introduced to 101 Financial back in January 2009 and we joined right away. We implemented the tools immediately but we didn’t stick with it. At the time we had two small kids and various excuses for not paying attention to where our money was going. We just didn’t fully grasp the concepts and went back to paying our bills the conventional way.

That’s where we stayed for 8 years. We didn’t get behind or add any debt to our lives, but we never got ahead either.

Earlier this year, Jesica had a couple of conversations with a friend who is also a 101 Instructor and those conversations reminded her, “We are still students of 101 Financial. We paid our dues many years ago. It’s time for us to get back in touch and be re-introduced to the system.”

To be honest, we didn’t remember any of the 101 concepts, except we knew we had a debt checking account, and it sat there, mostly unused over the last 8 years. Barbara gave us a 1-on-1 student refresher and it all came back.

Jesica attended the next corporate workshop and it reinforced what we re-learned from the refresher. Jesica hasn’t missed a workshop since that day. We also scheduled an In Home Workshop with the Nagamine’s because we wanted our friends and family to be introduced to the 101 concepts as soon as possible.

It frustrated Jesica at first to realize how many years had been wasted when we could have gotten so much further ahead in our finances. But we also believe that all things happen for a reason, and this is our time to come back with full purpose to be students of 101 Financial, and Instructors as well. We want to make up for lost time and share this with everyone we can.

What a blessing this company is for all who need financial education and guidance. What a blessing this 101 family is. We have each other and we get to experience great things together. We didn’t fully understand the gift we were given 8 years ago, but you can bet we won’t let it pass us by again.

We are grateful to be among you, and so happy to a part of something so much bigger than any of us yet know. The future is bright! Thank you, Alan, and thank you, 101 Financial!

– Jesica & Jason Matsuoka