The Foundation of My Real Estate Legacy

After getting back I started from zero and my money crunching began. I worked hard for the entire year in order to free 3 weeks to go on vacation. This time me and my wife were planning a longer vacation to the Philippines since we were doing our anniversary party with our family.

When we got back, my planning hit a snag as family issues forced me to take out a 30K loan. My mom’s health started to decline due to years of kidney problems, eventually she went on dialysis. My dad was overwhelmed so I decided to assist him with their care home. Times were tough as circumstances forced me to work in the days and come home and work my parent’s care home during the evening.

Eventually my goals were changed, I was no longer planning for a vacation rather I was now making sure the house doesn’t get foreclosed on and also making sure I don’t default on my loan.

To prevent this, I made diligent efforts to put extra money from my pay check to pay off my debt. However at my current rate, at age 33, I would pay my 30K loan off in my 40s. Reality hit me hard as I started to realize my past vacation in 2015 would be my last vacation until I am 40.

The real shocker however were my monthly retirement statements. After 8 years of working as a nurse, being a diligent saver, following a budget, and putting about 15% of my paycheck into a 403B account, I realize that my current projection would put me at 500K, nowhere enough to do the things I want to do.

I became increasingly anxious, frustrated, and unhappy. I wondered why is this happening? I work hard, have reasonable pay, but why do I feel like I am drowning? All the experts said to go to school, get a good job, and high pay. Even with all of these I was still feeling my pay wasn’t enough for me to survive. Then another thought came to my head, what if I lost my job? I couldn’t imagine what life would be if I lost my job.

One day I found out a co-worker of mine was a student of 101 Financial. She started to discuss how 101 helped her family pay off about 30K in debt in less than a year. My first thought with 101 Financial was that this program was a scam. I worked hard to dismantle the program as I questioned the legitimacy of each step. However despite my efforts 101 Financial was solid and soon I agreed to attend workshop.

I attended a session at Kapolei Golf Course where our speaker was none other than, Alan Akina. The concept of changing the way I use the bank and using the banks against themselves excited me. After the session I decided to join without any hesitancy.

It was March 2016 when I had my first meeting with my coach. It was July 2016 when I paid off my 30K loan which freed up major portion of my paycheck. Soon I started paying off minor credit cards, then I moved onto my parent’s debt.

101 provided not only a way to pay off my debt but it forever changed my thinking. With the increased cash flow I decided that I didn’t want to just spend it on vacations, cars, or things. After reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, I’ve decided to invest my money in assets, particularly Real Estate. I didn’t want to only rely on my job for income since no matter how loyal you are, I couldn’t say my job was loyal to me.

In December 6, 2018 was a hard time for me, that’s when my mom passed away. However the difficult it was I know my mom lived her last days in comfort as she didn’t have to worry about the care home, any of her bills, or stress about money. One of our last conversations together, my mom acknowledge how appreciative she was for caring for her, how proud she was of me, and how comforted she was knowing that we will be OK financially. I am forever grateful that 101 Financial allowed me to give her the best of care and alleviate many of our family stressors.

As of April 2019, I now have a primary home, 3 rental properties (moving on my 4th and 5th), and I am in the final stages of starting a real estate business aimed to assist people who can’t qualify for loans to become home owners now. Two years ago I was planning to pay off my 30K loan at age 40, now I am planning to have 10+ homes giving me enough passive income to be truly financially free.

As more and more people see my success and many now approaching me wanting advice on how to build their real estate portfolios, the first advice I give them is “Enroll into 101 Financial”, the reason is because 101 Financial is the very foundation of my soon to be real estate legacy.

-Jermaine Agustin