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Thank you 101 Financial!

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Thank you 101 Financial!

“We are Dwayne & Berna Galan from Las Vegas, NV. With the 101 financial plan, we are able to pay off our debt of over $200,000 of consumer debt in 6 years and 7 months. Like all of you we had credit cards and personal loans on top of a mortgage payment. Within the first 3 months we paid off $12,000 of our debt.

We love to have fun, have a nice dinner out once and awhile or just enjoy some of our hobbies. Being on the 101 system not only did we not change our life style but we gained the peace of mind that we don’t need to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Our goal since buying our first home was to invest in real estate and start a college fund for our children. Not only is that possible, but we can do it a lot sooner then we could ever imagine.”

— Dwayne & Berna Galan, Las Vegas, NV.