Taking Charge of Our Finances

Hello, I’m Alexis, Lexi for short. Originally I’m from Connecticut, but have lived in the Wilmington area of NC since 1992. In 2007, I graduated from our local community college with an associate in business and also accounting. Ten years later, I got my bachelor’s in accounting. I’ve recently become a mother and as of January, I left work to stay home and care for my son.

When my friend Lauren first told me of 101 financial, I had some interest. I attended the free workshop and filled out the free report analysis. Seeing its results, I was a bit skeptical and it was a few months before she talked me into trying 99. I understood much of what Lauren was teaching, and picked up the strategies quickly. Despite that, I was stubborn and it took several more months before enrolling into 101.

At that time, I was newly engaged and already stressed out about how to pay for a wedding. This is where Lauren encouraged me to join 101. I enrolled in January of 2019. Not only did I pay off some small balance credit cards, I was able to expand my wedding budget without the worry of going “broke” on the simple things. We had a beautiful wedding without going into more debt.

Since starting 101, we’ve not had the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, and have learned to live comfortably within our means. We chose to focus on small house repairs rather than debt repayment, but later that year, we became more diligent with the news of being pregnant. The 101 system helped plan ahead for all our extra medical expenses, as well as allow me to take two months of maternity leave.

Currently, we are working towards paying off our car loan while remaining on a single income.

I understand that many of us have been conditioned to work for our money, rack up long-term debt to deal with big life purchases, and bank within the perceived system. 101 financial offers strategies that break that cycle. It teaches people how to take charge of their finances and have their money work for them. It eases the anxiety of the financial “what-ifs.”

-Lexi C.