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Success Story of the Week

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Success Story of the Week

“My fiance and I started the 101 Financial System in March 2015. The day before I attended my first 101 presentation we had made an offer on what would be our first home. After the presentation I knew instantly that we were not financially ready to buy a home.

We withdrew our offer and I convinced my fiance that he needed to attend the presentation for himself. After the presentation he was so pumped, excited and relieved. Because we dodged a bullet, we almost signed our life away, we almost signed a death pledge (mortgage). He was so pumped and excited to take the first step to financial freedom.

Now that we both were on the same page about our financials I was confident that this was the right thing for us to do. We started with the 99 program and within 2 weeks we graduated to the 101 Financial System. By our 3rd class we had paid $6200 toward our debt. Instead of paying our debt off in 10 years we are on schedule to pay it off in 2 years.

I met our instructor Janelle at a little get together at a mutual girlfriends house. I truly believe that God had put us in the same place that night for a reason. She is our guardian angel. She saved us from years of financial hardship, she saved our family.

At my first class I met Aunty Donna, both her and Janelle not only made me feel comfortable talking about my finances but they made me see what our life would be like without the constant worry about money.

Today I am happy to report that my fiance and I have not had one argument since our first class about money, and no longer worry about unexpected expenses. 101 Financial has made our relationship stronger.

We went from spending $1,000 eating out too $300 and there is still room for improvement. We are able to pay off our statement balance from our credit cards every month without anxiety or worry if we have enough money.

Sticking to a budget takes discipline but when you think about your family’s future and happiness it motivates you to want to stick to it. We cannot express the gratitude we have to Alan, Aunty Donna and Janelle for introducing us to 101 Financial. Our future looks bright and debt-free.”

– Javelin Domen-Ah Sing & Kahiapo Branco