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Success Story of the Week – Vince & Star Bell

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Success Story of the Week – Vince & Star Bell

“Here we were on the brink of not knowing how we were going to pay our property tax and meet our mortgage payments. It was such a big stress for us because we did not want to lose our home.

One day an angel was sent to us. We were in our yard and she was mowing their lawn. After her task was done she walked over to share 101 Financial with us. After a few minutes, she invited us to a presentation that was taking place in a few days. We were in awe with what she first shared with us, and decided that we were going to take her up on the invite and did attend the presentation.

That night we went home and tossed the idea around about “financial peace of mind.” The question we kept asking ourselves is, “How? How could it be possible?” We called her with more questions and always received the answers that we needed to hear, not necessarily what we wanted to hear. We felt of her sincerity and knew that she was God sent and was really reaching out to us. Till today, my husband will say that it was meant for us to be out in our yard that day, because she was inspired to come over.

We decided we were going to take that leap of faith and trust that she would be with us every step of the way. Two weeks later we were on our way to financial freedom. We managed to pay our property tax and catch up with our mortgage payments. We have since paid off thousands of dollars in debt, and count our blessings that 101 Financial came into our lives.

I will say that one of my biggest fears was using a credit card again because many years prior to our marriage, I dug myself into a deep hole and struggled to meet my credit card payments. I know now that it was because I lacked the education, the knowledge and the value and proper use of a credit card.

And now, we have been blessed with three wonderful years and often sit around the dinner table and give thanks for our angel and to 101 Financial for the education we have received. Our three beautiful teenaged children are also so grateful that we felt it important enough to swallow our pride and reach out for help. Thank you 101 Financial for blessing our lives, our family is truly blessed.”

— Vince & Star Bell