Success Story of the Week – The Villanueva’s – 101 Financial

Success Story of the Week – The Villanueva’s

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Success Story of the Week – The Villanueva’s

My wife and I were introduced to 101 Financial by our cousin. And like anyone out there I thought… another scam. People trying to make money off of us.

I thought that I was doing pretty well with money, but in actuality I wasn’t.

I attended the first meeting at my cousin’s home with Alan Akina and it caught my attention but, was still a little skeptical about it.

Once I attended the second meeting I got a much better understanding of what’s going on. But, with my situation with money and my credit score I thought there wasn’t any hope.

By God’s grace my family was willing to help me out. I told myself after the assessment of my financial life, I really needed help with managing my money.

I started with 99 Financial and after the first 2 weeks I noticed that I have money in my account, usually it isn’t that way.

I followed what I was taught and it was truly working. I now know where my money is going and I adjust to make sure that I am always on track with my plan that was created for my wife and I.

I’m understanding about money, finances, and banking… having money in my account, managing it properly, and having GREAT support with Justo and Karen to guide us. I now understand my credit history and debt, which is a big factor, along with building a plan that I can follow.

I can go on, but within the first 2 weeks in the program I’ve experienced too much to write. I’ve been recommending 101 Financial to others because 101 is not here to get rich off anyone.

They are here to help us understand money so we can live a life of happiness & peacefulness. I’ll be starting 101 Financial soon and am excited. I look forward to my family’s future now! I take it as a blessing from God and I know I will work hard at it and never give up.


– Randy and Sheri Villanueva