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Success Story of the Week – The Shepard’s

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Success Story of the Week – The Shepard’s

“If someone had told us a year ago that we would be able to cut the amount of debt we had in half, and within one month’s time, we probably would have scoffed in disbelief and said, “Yeah right.”

Because, you see, a year ago we thought we had our finances under control. Our bills were always paid on time, we knew exactly which pay check was going to pay which bill, and how much we’d have left to buy food and household necessities.

But there was never anything left over after that, never enough to put anything away in our savings.

Then we thought we hit a low point. I remember loading our four boys into our van, trying to act excited to go to the recycling center. Acting as if returning bottles and cans was an adventure, when all the while, my heart was breaking as I prayed that our recycling money would be enough to buy a gallon of milk for our 15 month old baby.

Then we really did hit a low point. In May, Robert received confirmation that his position at a high-end resort was going to be outsourced… he was going to lose his job. We panicked, became stressed, and it unfortunately put a big strain on our marriage.

Imagine how much we were struggling BEFORE he was laid off. We simply didn’t know how we were going to make it AFTER he was laid off. But as the saying goes, “When one door closes, another door opens”, and our open door came in the form of 101 Financial.

I heard about the program through a co-worker, and without ever having been to a workshop, we were ready to sign up. We completed the financial analysis online, and the very next day, we received an email from Rochelle. She then passed along our info to Duke and Jean Sevilla, and before we knew it, they became our instructors and we were signed up for the 99 Financial Program.

That was back in July of this year, and by August we had graduated to the 101 Financial System. Within one month of being 101 Financial students, we were able to pay off not just one, but two credit cards, and a car loan! That’s three out of six of our debts, gone within one month!

Remember in the beginning of our story when I said if someone had approached us a year ago and said we would be able to cut the amount of debt we had in half within one month’s time?

Well not only has it become a reality, but we were able to make that happen on just one full-time income and Robert’s unemployment income.

The 101 Financial System really does work. It has been a Blessing to us and our family. We are so proud to be a part of it.”

– Robert and Angela-Marie Shepard