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Success Story of the Week – The Razon’s

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Success Story of the Week – The Razon’s

The day we joined 101 Financial was the day our lives changed for the better.

Prior to using the 101 Financial System, my wife (girlfriend at the time) Vanessa and I were both working full-time jobs but seeing differently when it came to finances. After 40-hour work weeks, she would be doing well financially after paying for debts; however, for myself, I would constantly be struggling as I would only have $50-$100 after paying debt to last me until my next paycheck.

It was during this stressful time when we were introduced to 101 Financial by two of our close friends, Anthony and Hajel Sabog. It came up casually in a conversation we had while eating lunch in a food court.

Given the opportunity to improve our financial situation, I discussed the idea of joining 101 Financial with Vanessa. She was skeptical at first, but decided that we should try it, as she saw I was constantly struggling and stressing over finances.

After our first class, we quickly learned that joining 101 Financial was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Within our first month of using the 101 Financial System, we eliminated the debt we owed for one personal loan, two credit cards, and one student loan. In total, we eliminated $20,000 worth of debt in that first month. Our plans afterward were to work towards eliminating the debt Vanessa owed on her last two student loans.

However, our plans quickly changed when, with the help of Tony and Hajel, I was able to purchase an engagement ring and propose to Vanessa in July of 2014 at Disney World. From there, our plans changed from eliminating debt to planning for our wedding in August 2015. However, that was not the only change we planned for. In August of 2014, I also entered my final semester of college where I would be student teaching full-time in order to complete my Bachelor’s of Education program.

In order to focus on my education and better position myself for a teaching position after graduation, I decided to resign from my position as an Operations Supervisor at the Navy Exchange. During the span of August to January, I was essentially unemployed and only Vanessa was bringing in income for the both of us.

Normally, this would be financially stressful, but by using the 101 Financial System, we were able to plan for this time in advance and saw that we could make it through those months on only one income. In addition, our wedding planning continued uninterrupted and we were able to secure our major vendors and venues without stressing financially.

Fast forward to the start of 2015 when Vanessa and I both started new careers and our wedding planning and financial situations were back on track. Our $60,000 wedding in August was essentially paid in full two months before our wedding day, allowing us to enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime event without having to worry about the debt that would normally follow.

In addition, after looking over our finances, we were also able to sneak in a last minute trip to Disneyland in June before our wedding, as well as pay off our honeymoon in Greece. Both of which were paid off by August.

Looking forward, we plan on continuing to use the 101 Financial system to eliminate the remainder of our debt as we are planning to start a family. In addition to starting a family, we are also looking forward to taking the steps towards becoming first time homeowners.

Never had we ever dreamed that this would be possible for either of us. We went from disagreeing about finances and stressing about making it from paycheck to paycheck, to successfully planning a $60,000 wedding. In addition, we have also been able to take the time to enjoy life and see the world around us.

We were extremely blessed to become a part of the 101 Financial ohana who provided us with the financial education that has helped us make our dreams reality.”

– Sherwin and Vanessa Razon