Success Story of the Week – The Mundy’s – 101 Financial

Success Story of the Week – The Mundy’s

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Success Story of the Week – The Mundy’s

“Bob and I came into the 101 Financial family almost 3 years ago. Since then, our lives have made a dramatic change for the better.

It is, without doubt, the best financial decision we have ever made.

We knew we didn’t live in a perfect world and life happens.

At age 60 Bob had to have knee surgery so was no longer able to continue with his current job and had to find other employment.

Then at age 62 he had a heart attack. When he recovered, he was able to resume his job.

At 63 his back, which unbeknownst to him had been damaged from all the work he used to do, made its condition known and he was no longer able to do the kind of physical work he had always done.

As a result he could only perform light-duty work; so had to leave his job. He was able to find part-time employment and went on social security.

Before 101 Financial we were living paycheck to paycheck.

We had made the decision a few years earlier to only charge what we could pay off the next month, unless a major emergency came up.

So that meant no frills and definitely no trips. We still had our mortgage of about $90,000 to pay off and one car with a year left of payments.

Now mind you, we’re in our sixties, so we’ve pretty much been paying, throughout our lives, the conventional way. But try as we might to get ahead, something always came up. And though we were staying on top of our finances, there was no room for the extras that make life more fun.

There was always the question of will we be able to pay our bills on time, and there were months of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Finances were definitely a stressful area for us.

We had dreams of achieving financial peace of mind, and hopes of having a free life financially as we headed into our retirement.

However, retirement was beginning to seem even more elusive.

When we came on the 101 Financial System, we were able to pay off our car loan, saving ourselves a year’s worth of interest payments, and another $4,000 in acquired debt, all within the first month.

Though nervous to step out and try something so radically different from what we had done throughout our lives, we went ahead, trusted our Instructors, and proceeded forward with the system.

With their guidance and the knowledge we were acquiring, we paid down our mortgage principal $15,000 in the next few months. And after being on the 101 System for only seven months, we were able to write a check to our mortgage company and pay them off.

We also had made a trip to the mainland (which we wouldn’t have been able to do earlier), made reservations for a second trip, and bought a new front loading washer
and dryer (again, not in the realm of possibility before 101 Financial). All without having to incur any credit card debt.

Our dreams of achieving financial peace of mind and our hopes of living a free life financially were beginning to seem like reality.

We were still very careful on our spending, but we were no longer having to live paycheck to paycheck. We now had a plan for our money and a road map to show us where we were going and how to achieve our goals.

Thank You 101 Financial! Ta da! Yes! We were on our way.”

– Bob and Kathy Mundy