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Success Story of the Week – The Delgados

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Success Story of the Week – The Delgados

“Thankful and Happy. Those are the 2 words that first come to mind when thinking of 101 Financial.

We have been using the 101 Financial System, and could not be happier with what we have learned.

We were newlyweds and thought we had everything under control. I had accumulated student loans and credit card debt, and I was also paying my car loan. While preparing for the wedding, we had to use a few of our credit cards.

I was jumping around from 0% credit cards for a while and thought this would help me. It took so much time and effort to keep track of these. And I didn’t know it then, but it also affected our credit score negatively.

One day, my sister-in-law invited us to a 101 Financial presentation. After listening to the presentation, I was skeptical to say the least. “If this is so good, how come everyone is not using it?” I asked.

Because we valued my sister-in-laws opinion and were really impressed with the way we were treated, we signed up.

During the first 6 months we were able to pay off about $27,000 of debt and have been continuing our path to being debt free. We learned how to use the tools that the bank offers, how to budget effectively and how to get the most out of the money we are making.

Another benefit we got from using the 101 Financial System is that when our first child was born, my wife Lanie was able to stay home with him for more than 2 years! Something that would not have been possible if we didn’t know how to budget and if we had not paid off that debt.

A lot of things have happened in our lives in the last few years, many blessings and challenges, but we can honestly say that 101 Financial has always made our lives better, no doubt about it.

We are truly thankful and Happy!”

— Gerardo and Lanie Delgado