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Success Story of the Week – The Abes

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Success Story of the Week – The Abes

As a couple, we were always okay with our finances. We thought we could take on more financial obligations such as an apartment. But life happens and it started to storm on us. We had a specific plan to help us financially float, and when it did not work out, we were too busy trying to keep afloat.

Our credit scores started to drop, we were defaulting on our bills, and we were soon living pay check to pay check. It really hit us when we tried applying for a house, and the mortgage lender took a look at our finances and told us that we would die with debt and could never get a house.

We started to give up on our dreams.

My friend brought me to a 101 Financial presentation to support her because she was interested. Little did I know that this would be the answer to our prayers.

After listening to the presentation, I thought I had nothing more to lose. Our first class was an eye-opener because we saw we had a $1000 negative cash flow every month.

We really had to work hard in our 99 Financial class and we did – we sacrificed a lot. We took a look at what we could sacrifice temporarily and we did – we really reorganized our life.

By the next two classes, we went from a $1000 negative to a $300 positive cash flow. It took us 4 months to prepare for 101, but we were motivated to keep going. During our first class in 101, we were able to pay off 7 credit cards. Our credit scores jumped up approximately 100 points.

This February will be our 2 year anniversary with 101 Financial, and we paid off half of our debt – $60,000. We were able to expand our family, get a new vehicle, and finally breathe easy. Our plan is to pay off everything by the end of the year and prepare for buying our very own house.

Our Lessons Learned: Even when it storms, it is about learning how to dance in the rain. I did not know what peace of mind meant until we joined 101 Financial. People have said that the result of your today is a decision you made 1 year ago.

Today, we are happy, we are supported, and we have financial peace of mind because we joined 101. Thank you to Alan for this awesome way of banking, for Team WIN for their support, and especially to our instructors, Grace & John Corpuz, for giving us hope and helping us to believe in ourselves again.

– Federico & Katrina Abes