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Success Story of the Week – Terry Panee

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Success Story of the Week – Terry Panee

Life is so much better now. The peace of mind that we have in our home now is great. It wasn’t always like that.

We used to stress out about how we are going to get things done around the house, and how long it will take to save enough money to do it. The idea of what do we have to give up to save more money. As well as being able to take care of the daily needs.

The peace of mind that the 101 Financial System has given us is a blessing.

My wife was the one who handles our family finances. She had her own calendar and way of making sure everything was taken care of. After the first 101 presentation was shared with us, we were very excited at the possibility of doing things that needed to be done.

We decided to jump in the deep end of the pool and go for it. It was the best choice that we made.

Within the first month on the 101 Financial System, we paid off our tuition and two of our credit cards. It blew us away at how much we saved on interest, and how we were able to pay down the principle on our debt.

Knowing how to use what the banks had, to allow us to get ahead and not go deeper in the hole of debt, is a game changer. The system also showed us that we could project our finances down the road and know that we would be fine.

That peace of mind is the greatest blessing of all.

We just put on a new roof on our house a couple of weeks ago and plan on doing a few more renovations in the near future. We work the system and project to see that we can afford to do it – all without losing anything from our current living habits.

We are not rich, but are looking forward to paying off all of our debt including our mortgage. Then investing and saving more money for the future of our family. We are sharing this experience with children so they can have the knowledge to be financially sound to do what they want to do in their lives.

Another area of “peace of mind,” for the future of our children.

– Terry N Panee