Success Story of the Week – Shanah-lee Wehrsig – 101 Financial

Success Story of the Week – Shanah-lee Wehrsig

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Success Story of the Week – Shanah-lee Wehrsig

My story & blessing to share…

My husband Neil and I have been with 101 Financial for little over one year. When we were introduced to 101 Financial by my sister Shantell, I was so stressed and not in the mood to hear about another way to sell something to make more money.

She said she didn’t even know much about 101 Financial but was going to learn more that Sunday at a free seminar at a mutual friend’s house, so she invited me to come.

In the meantime we both Googled 101 Financial, checked BBB, and also Googled Alan Akina the president. We figured anything good or bad will be on the internet. We only found positive feedback, which was very uplifting considering so much negative going around me at that time.

I had just been told that my hours were going to be cut back, which meant now we were going to be short about $500.00. I applied for a consolidation loan at my credit union earlier that day, and got a call that afternoon saying I was approved and I just needed to come in and sign papers. It was a Friday, and I could’ve went in easily, it’s the next street over from where I worked, but I asked if I could come in on Monday instead to sign papers, and she said sure no problem.

It’s funny how things work out, there must have been a reason why I decided not to go, because that night is when I heard about 101 Financial.

So I went to the seminar on Sunday, and my husband a few days later came with me to see the presentation along with our free financial analysis results. It blew us away.

It was hard for me, because I seriously thought we were doing fine, and I was the queen of budgeting. To see it all in black & white in writing, all of our consumer debt, was hard! It made sense though, which explained why we work hard, get paid good, pay our bills, provide the best for our family, but never seem to be able to move ahead.

That was the biggest and most frustrating for us. Because we want to be here in Hawaii and raise our children here. When it was presented to us that we could pay off all of our debt in a little over 4 years with a plan, a road map, a guide, and support of people we knew, it only made sense to go ahead & move forward. Because the way we were doing it was not moving us forward.

In the first few months we paid off 3 credit cards, and little over $10,000.00 of debt! The 101 System has helped us set goals financially, and personally. Since we have all of our finances together now, it sure does make it a lot easier to track and keep each other accountable.

We have a pretty consistent ritual, I call it our 101 Sunday Date. We go over our calendar, our projections, our financials, and what’s going on for that upcoming week.

It’s really been a blessing in our marriage. My husband talks to me more, and opens up more about a lot of things. I am learning to be a better listener, and that makes a big difference as well. We are not stressed out, and we see the results financially and personally. Overall it’s been the best thing for us!

Another hardship came our way this past March. I got laid off, and lost my job. I did not see it coming, at all! I was told not to worry, that I was secured with my job. It was more devastating personally for me, because I had been there 9 years and they were like my 2nd family.

This was the true test of our 101 Financial personal system. Let me tell you this, Neil and I kept up with being more aware of our expenses, and kept up with our 101 System. We didn’t feel a damper or a ding in our living day to day.

We were still able to pay all our bills, rent, food, and necessities for our family. Our children don’t know the difference, just that mommy is home now after school, and that’s been great!

Currently we have paid off around $20K, and all this with me being laid off. Yes we probably would’ve been able to pay off more debt, but to know we can pay all of our monthly bills & expenses, and still pay a little debt, that blows my mind away.

What really makes me happy is that my husband and I are even stronger today, and our children look at us with their eyes and I see their happiness! We are so blessed to have the support of our 101 family. Where I thought I lost a lot with my 2nd family from my job; I gained so many wonderful, supporting, encouraging, forever family & friends with 101 Financial!

Mahalo Nui Loa from the Bottom of my Heart.

– Shanah-lee Wehrsig