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Success Story of the Week – Shaleina Kekoa

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Success Story of the Week – Shaleina Kekoa

“My husband and I started our 101 Financial journey in May of 2015.

Prior to starting, I did all our finances. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about finances. I paid our bills on time and paid more than just the minimum balance

Until one night we went to a 101 workshop that Alan was doing and we realized we were doing it all wrong.

We started with a total of $61,000 in debt with a brand new car payment, two personal loans, one credit card and one student loan.

Within the first 3 months we paid off $6,900. In the next 6 months, we paid off an additional $7,600. Now we are about 11 months into the program and paid off another $15,600.

At this moment we paid off both loans and my husband’s school loan, leaving us left with only our auto loan. Nothing we thought was ever possible.

In addition, we paid for about 4 weekend vacations (3 to Maui and 1 to Oahu) and are currently on our postponed honeymoon to Las Vegas, then to LA.

We watched several shows, went to several museums and ate, ate, ate! My husband and I decided we wanted to take my 2 nieces to Disneyland, which we also paid prior to even leaving home.

While on our honeymoon we didn’t have to worry about having to pay for it when we return home to Kona because it was ALREADY PAID FOR.

101 has given us FINANCIAL PEACE OF MIND and taught us how to BETTER BUDGET our money by BANKING SMARTER. We are tremendously blessed with what Alan had taught us.”

– Shaleina Kekoa