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Success Story of the Week – Renee Montizor

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Success Story of the Week – Renee Montizor

“My name is Renee Montizor. I am married, but have been separated from my husband for the past 5 years. When my husband left in 2009, I had a son in high school, a daughter just started college and another daughter trying to make it on her own with a child of her own. My financial situation went spiraling down and I found myself paying my monthly obligations every other month to make ends meet, basically behind 30 days. But, anything that affected my credit I worked hard to pay on time.

In 2011, I did a consolidation of my bills and it looked like I was headed in the right direction. In March 2012, I lost my job of 5 years making $35,000 annually. It got really scary from that point on. I moved to Maui from Molokai in hopes of finding decent work. There are lots of jobs here, but I didn’t have too much luck finding a steady job.

In September 2013, I believe I saw something on Facebook about 101 Financial. Visited the website, read Doreen and Mannon Kamai’s story, as well as all other students and was intrigues by their testimonies. I mentioned it to a friend who knew Doreen and she called to make an appointment. She then referred me to Doreen.

My main reason for wanting to do the 99 Financial class was to learn more. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and I was always interested in learning more ways to improve my financial situation and/or helping others.

So, when I first meet with Doreen, most of what she told me I already knew, but was still curious how or why it works so well in 101 Financial versus what I was trying to so. I loved doing the 90-Day Financial roadmap and calendars. It made me feel like I had taken back some control. It gave me new insight on the small things I was doing wrong and ways to improve myself.

I wasn’t confident I would graduate from 99 Financial because my financial situation was fair, still trying my best to just pay minimums on my credit cards to keep my credit score fair. And, I had my student loans becoming due in a couple of months which caused me to press the panic button. But, I was blessed somehow and I am on my way to becoming a 101 Financial student.

Having an accounting degree has some disadvantages because we always think we know everything. But I have chosen to trust the process, trust my instructor, Doreen as well as her instructors. I am confident and REALLY excited to be on my way to finally working towards clearing my debt with the help of 101 Financial instructors and advisors.”

– Renee Montizor