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Success Story of the Week – Piilani Augustiro

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Success Story of the Week – Piilani Augustiro

We were living with my husband’s parents, and constantly dipping into our savings until that depleted. In 2009, when we found out we were expecting our Son, we both decided to make the move into our own home. Although my husband was very scared and wasn’t sure if that was a good move, we did it.

We struggled to make ends meet, and every month it felt like we were right back where we started. We were now living paycheck to paycheck, and the needs of growing teenagers started to come. My girls were starting to get into sports and traveling every weekend, and before we knew it, times were hard!

I heard about 101 Financial about 10 years ago, when one of my friends came over and introduced it to us. At that time, my credit was shot.

In January of this year, both my husband and I knew that we needed to do something to get a hold of our finances. We knew in about a year’s time, our oldest would be graduating from High School, and had plans to go to college. We also knew that shortly after that, our 2nd daughter would be graduating, and also had plans to go to college, and then the 3rd would be coming up without giving us a break, or a way to replenish our funds.

We already knew we didn’t want to find another job, especially with our 5-year-old, and having to keep up with his demands as well. I made a commitment to do what I needed to do, to ensure that my girls will have the opportunity to further their education, and go to college.

In May, I reached out on Facebook to ANYONE who wanted to help me, learn and join the 101 Financial Program. Randy Villanueva contacted me, and after a few minutes of talking to him, I felt a burden lift off my shoulders.

I knew, this is what I needed. I was also very grateful to have heard that 101 Financial had other programs like 99 Financial, that would help me reach my goal of joining 101.

On June 4, I did the best thing I could have done for me, for my husband and for our family! I joined the 99 Financial Program, and the 101 Financial Family! Immediately, I was able to take back control of my finances. I faithfully did my roadmap and calendars, and always knew where I was headed.

At the end of the first month, I already had money sitting in my checking account, ready for the next month. Usually, I was at the end of my rope before the next month comes rolling in, praying that I’d have a little left over before the new month began.

July came, and I did the same thing, I did my roadmap, and followed it faithfully, at the end of that month, I had doubled what I had left at the end of the first month.

Being a part of this program has given me peace of mind, more happiness, more freedom financially, and has helped me to always be aware and be in control of my financial situation. Seeing the accomplishments over the months has given my husband hope, and for him, that’s a lot!

Mahalo Alan Akina, Randy Villanueva and the rest of the 101 Financial Family!

– Piilani Augustiro