Success Story of the Week – Nichole Inouye-Nohara – 101 Financial

Success Story of the Week – Nichole Inouye-Nohara

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Success Story of the Week – Nichole Inouye-Nohara

“I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful boys. Our story started back in 2006. I came out of college with a lot of debt. Enrolled on the 101 System and I paid off my debt, then I married into debt. Paid his debt off and that’s when our roller coaster ride started.

We had our first child in May 2010 and he was born early so he was my $10,000 baby due to all the medical bills we had for him. At that time some of our family members needed some help, so we helped. We remodeled my grandparent’s home and helped my in-laws when they hit rough times. During that time I was happy to help but it always set us back to hitting out goals and dreams.

My husband kept switching jobs and we all know that when we switch jobs it’s like starting all over again. Since we’ve been married he’s moved about 5x and we’ve been married for 6 years now, but the jobs he moved to, were always better than the one before.

My husband finally found a job to call home. Which we can all say is a much better fit for him. He makes good money, he’s home at a decent hour, he’s mentally and emotionally home when he’s not at work, and I get to stay home with our boys. When we first met, his credit score was a 504. Today his score is 755, we had a lot to clean up. The best part about all of this is that we are finally making headway and we are getting to the goals we set back in 2009 when we got married.

This year is our year and we are making things happen. We should be closing on our first home in a few weeks, which is so exciting for us.

The main point I want to get at with our story is perseverance. I tell everyone that the 101 Financial System is a living program. And I say living because life is living. Our situation changes when we have life changes and we need to know how to move and evolve with those changes. Life throws so many obstacles and trials our way and we need to be able to dodge them and push through.

Before my grandfather passed away May 2014 we were able to spend quality time with him and not worry about the financial burdens as we wanted to sit by his bedside and be with him. We were able to see him smile one last time before he passed.

Now without the 101 Financial System we would have never been able to have those intimate moments with our grandfather. Because we would have been seeing him after we finished work, which by then it’s his bedtime.

We are creating a life that will give my family opportunities to really spend quality time with each other and to give my boys the best opportunities and experiences out there.

Thank you 101 Financial for being there for us.”

– Nichole Inouye-Nohara