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Success Story of the Week – Myles Miyasato

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Success Story of the Week – Myles Miyasato

I became a student and started learning the 101 System from my instructor Kahealani Kaaihili. In the past like probably about 90% of the residents in Hawaii, I was trying to make fast extra money with Amway, Telecommunication, ASEA water, pretty much every pyramid marketing scheme that came along.

After about 10 years of this I have come to terms that I am not a sales person. So when I met Kahealani I was skeptical and questioned her about this being just another pyramid.

Well, we did a worksheet of my income and my expenses then she told me that I could achieve my goal of financial freedom in 9 years.

For me the thing is, I was trying to make fast money to achieve financial freedom. Using my extra money to buy into these programs instead of making my extra money work for me and eliminating years of interest payments.

I started with my debts being a mortgage, car loan, and 2 credit cards I was looking at payments for the next 25 years.

I had established my Line Of Credit and my Rewards Credit Card, so Kahealani got me started with the 101 Financial System.

In our first class she showed me how we were going to pay off one of the credit cards that day, then start accelerated payments on the other card. I left that first class pretty excited and could not wait for the next class.

In about 4 months we paid off the second credit card and now we started our accelerated payments on the car loan. At this point the hardest thing is to be disciplined when I have the extra money.

But what Kahealani showed me in one of our classes was how to plan ahead and have the finances already factored into my program for vacations or any expenses that I could expect.

That is what allowed me to be comfortable to use this extra money for accelerated payments. Now I’m just about a year and a half into my program and I only have my mortgage to pay.

I am on track to accomplishing my financial freedom and amazingly it will be pretty close to the estimated time frame given to me at the start.

Thank you Kahealani.

– Myles Miyasato