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Success Story of the Week – Krystle Silva

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Success Story of the Week – Krystle Silva

I am a mother of three incredible children and wife to a wonderful husband. Over the past years, I have gone through a series of significant life changes, each impacting my finances in a negative way.

From moving to the east coast of the US, then to the Midwest and even back to Hawaii, my financial situation became a burden. We were living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes with a negative balance. All of this contributed to heavy debt and stress.

At the time, that was my life, that was my normal. Then I made a change that cascaded toward what I can now feel is my financial freedom.

My husband and I started the journey with consumer debt of $60K, along with newly purchased homes in the states of Arizona and Hawaii. During that time, we had an 800+ credit score and a decent combined income, where we could still live comfortably to support our family.

When the economy crashed in 2010 our life shifted with loss of income. We started to drown in our bills. We couldn’t pay our mortgage for 10 months and our car got repossessed. After consulting with those who have experience in chapter 7 bankruptcy, we decided to file. It was hope to give us a fresh start and pull ourselves up from the bottom.

In 2015, I told myself, “with every New Year comes a New Year resolution”, so I was ready to make another change. A friend of mine told me about a program called 101 Financial. The presentation piqued my interest, and I was referred to an instructor from the program. I was in awe with how the program could save my life. I was eager to get started and learn more about it.

After getting started with my 101 Instructor, we frequently met over the next few weeks. We monitored my progress as I began to witness my cash flow strengthening leaving the negative.

In March 2015 my husband lost his job with the government and we were down by one income. Three months into my progress, the 99 Financial Program helped me create a solid foundation for my finances, but I was concerned that I would not be able to move to the next step and graduate to the 101 Financial System. I became discouraged and lost track with my finances, but continued to keep myself grounded with the 99 Program in the back of mind.

I continued to budget properly, paying off 2 credit cards with a total balance of $3K. I structured myself, finding ways to save money to build my credit and savings. I had learned to control my finances despite my husband losing his job.

I was now ready for the 101 Financial System. During my first class with my instructor, she introduced me to the powerful tool of accelerated payments. I was able to pay $4,000 to a personal loan in 2 weeks, then I paid off the remainder of the loan of $8,000.

In January 2016, we paid off another $8,000 personal loan. We were in awe of how fast we slammed our debt! The 101 Financial System has been such a blessing to Ken and I. We have never felt so empowered to take control of our finances.

I am so excited that we are now sitting in the driver seat and bringing our dreams to reality. My husband is able to stay focused on our business and expanding it to another level. This is just the beginning for us. It’s time to leave the past behind. Thank you Alan Akina.

– Krystle Silva