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Success Story of the Week – Karsten and Coloma

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Success Story of the Week – Karsten and Coloma

“Just like most people, I thought I had my finances under control. I was extremely wrong when I got a little hiccup in my financial plan called “Vegas.”

Las Vegas sent me packing with a nice present, in the form of three maxed out credit cards totaling around 20k. “No prob!” I thought. I would just pay more and be right back on track.

I paid more and more, watching no dent appear in my debt. I also began looking for another job (because that’s what people in Hawaii do when they hit a financial wall). All the while my co-worker was telling me he is just about to pay off his car next month and his wife is going to quit her job for her baby…. all with a relaxed smile.

I thought to myself, ‘Braddah must be doing something illegal because I’m making more money than him and I’m stuck… while he’s paying off all these things so fast!’

Come to find out, it was 101 Financial.

As soon as I jumped on to the program I paid off one card. In the second month I paid off the second. I finished paying off all my credit card debt that I couldn’t put a dent in before by the fourth month that I was in the program.

I also got to send my girlfriend and her best friend on a trip to the place that got me in trouble in the first place, Vegas.

101 Financial has been a God send to me. I now can see the path at the end of the tunnel and can see the beginning of my dreams.

Financial hiccups still occur in my life and will continue to. But now I have a tried and true plan that works to make sure I’ll always be fine no matter what happens.

My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

– Karsten and Coloma