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Success Story of the Week – Hana Akina

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Success Story of the Week – Hana Akina

I’ve kind of grown up alongside 101 Financial. When people would find out I was Alan’s sister, they figured I was just as good with my finances as he was. But that was not the case at all.

I was never a crazy spender, but I never felt confident in my finances. In December 2013, I graduated from UH with my Masters and was left with my first real debt.

In January 2014 I got my first real job, working as an elementary librarian. Then in February I bought my first car, and was then even more in debt. I just figured I would make my payments on my student loan and car, as long as I never made a late payment. The loans were inevitable, but I knew I could pay them since I had a job. I didn’t know any different. At that time I also had no credit–my mom had to co-sign on my car.

In August 2014, I joined the 99 Financial Program and was able to graduate to the 101 Financial System within 90 days. During my first class on the System, I paid down $5,000 to my car loan… but I was too scared to do any more!

The day after Christmas, my family and I were lying around the living room, when I turned to my family and announced that I had just paid off my car. Ten months after buying my car, and just a few weeks after being on the 101 System, I paid off my $14,000 car loan! I then started attacking my student loan. I’ve currently paid about $30,500 and am set to pay off my student loan this summer. My credit score is a 740.

The favorite part of my journey with 101 is that not only have I been able to pay down my debt so quickly, I’ve been able to travel! I went to Japan, Vegas, Utah, Disney World, and New York.

This year, I’ll be turning 27, I’ll be debt-free, traveling again somewhere, and I’m already starting to look into purchasing a condo or apartment here in Hawaii. I definitely know a lot more about finances now, and I’m now setting financial goals that I never thought I would be able to do.

– Hana Akina