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Success Story of the Week – Cunningham Ohana

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Success Story of the Week – Cunningham Ohana

“When the market crashed, it was hard to keep up with our mortgage, car payments, and our everyday expenses.

5 years ago, we went through bankruptcy, a tax lien, and a truck repossession. In 2012 we had about $18,000 in debt and in 2013 we had about $26,000. When we started on the 101 system in Jan. 2014, we had about $30,000 of debt.

We paid my car off within 5 months, ($11,600) which is crazy because, before we barely had enough to survive… but banking the 101 way saved us 3 years of car payments and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary interest costs.

Last July we took a vacation with friends, and we even purchased my honey’s “dream” truck with no cosigner.

Life NOW is good. Wait, what am I talking about, it’s GREAT! I mean it has always… BEEN amazing… but it feels more wholesome now that we have a solid financial foundation!

101 has given us Financial peace of mind. There’s just no room for worry. You know that feeling while at the grocery store: “Oh please, oh please let there be money.” Well now no more living paycheck to paycheck!

I always knew that I had to be more conscientious about how I spent my money, but I just didn’t know how. I always thought I did a good job, but… I was wrong. LOL.

Money really does affect every area of life… and for most of us it dictates what we can and cannot do.

It was essential for us to get INTIMATE with our finances… and since then we’ve become Best of Friends. We protect it, we give thanks, and in turn it supports us. We live so much better now that we have a plan for LIFE and all of our decisions are now based upon our goals and dreams.

We’ve been through it all – bankruptcy, tax lien, and repossession. So if you need hope, HERE IT IS!

We’re projected to being debt free by Jan. 2016, and we have plans to purchase a home by mid next year!

Thank you 101 Financial, Alan, our teachers, and everyone who has a hand in making our dreams a continued reality!”

— Krystal Cunningham