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Success Story of the Week – Corinne Mizuno

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Success Story of the Week – Corinne Mizuno

“I have always considered myself to be disciplined in the way I managed my money. I have a personal loan and a parent education loan in which I have faithfully been making timely monthly payments for.

Despite these loans, although I was able to still live within my means and afford things to support my lifestyle, the thought of having these loans hanging over my head everyday made me very uneasy and uncomfortable.

I first heard about 101 Financial from a very good friend of mine. I have to admit that initially I was very skeptical about the program. I went online and read about the program and started to read a bunch of the testimonials. Wow it all sounded amazing!

First thought was ‘how in the world can something like this be done, and is this for real?’

After about a month of contemplation I told myself why not check it out, I have nothing to lose. So I went back to reading the testimonials and kept seeing an instructor name (Ana Magarin) from Maui that kept appearing over and over with such great comments about her. I said to myself I want her as my instructor if I decide to enroll in this program.

I contacted 101 Financial and asked if I could be in contact with Ana Magarin and set up an appointment. Within a couple days Ana contacted me and she has been with me every step of the way since then.

Since June 2015 my life and financial situation has changed. About three months into the system, I was able to pay off my $9K personal loan, something that would have took me 4 years to do.

I was totally blown away at how something like this could be done! I am now ready to tackle my Parent Education Loan and I am super excited!

Imagine doing all of this without drastically changing your lifestyle, just changing the way you bank. I am now projected to pay off my Parent Loan in just 2 years instead of 20 years. Good things are about to happen!

Ana Magarin and 101 Financial (Alan Akina) have been such a blessing and inspiration to me. Ana is the BEST!! She is the perfect instructor. She is always so detail oriented and her follow up is AWESOME! Thank you Ana, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you both for providing me with a great opportunity!”

– Corinne Mizuno