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Success Story of the Week – Brittney White

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Success Story of the Week – Brittney White

Working as a waitress from the age of sixteen, I never really struggled with having money. I had cash-on-hand at all times. I was in the mindset that if I had spent my money the night before, I’d just go back to work and make it all back.

It sounds nice, but it wasn’t the best way to learn how to spend my money. This habit had time to grow and stick for almost ten years. In the process of waitressing, I went to school, taking out loans as needed, and accruing credit card debt along the way. I learned the joys of minimum payments and ignoring large balances.

After graduating from college, I promised myself that once I landed a job as a nurse, I’d stop spending frivolously and would take hold of my finances, focusing on eliminating my debt.

More so, when I became pregnant with my son, becoming financially sound was now a priority. So, I got my job as a nurse, but didn’t know where to start. I looked at all my debt and felt defeated because I had no idea where to start.

Step in: My Mom, a new student to 101 Financial.

Fast-forward a week later to Krissy Moore, 101 Instructor and godsend. Within my first hour with her, she had explained 101 Financial in the best way that made it easy for me to understand,

And (most importantly) had me pay off an entire credit card. I had heard high praises from my Mom about this program, but didn’t know it would start working so quickly.

At the end of my first session/lesson with Krissy, I had a newfound knowledge of handling my finances and a plan to pay down ANOTHER credit card and a personal loan within the next two to three months. Amazing!

Within the past year, I have improved my credit score, learned about budgeting my money, and paid off large amounts of debt.

Krissy and I are currently looking forward to tackling my school loans… a debt I swore I would have until the end of time.

I am able to send my son to pre-school, pay my bills on-time, plan vacations, and have money to spare. I do not exaggerate when I say that I tell EVERYONE that they need the 101 Financial System in their life.

I cannot express how dramatically my stress-level has decreased, and the level of comfort I am at with my finances.

101 Financial and Krissy are a gift, and I am so glad that they stepped into my life when they did. Krissy and I continue to pay-off my debt and plan for the future. I am working on purchasing a new car in May 2016, as a 30th birthday present to myself, and hope to eventually look at the prospects of purchasing a home.

I look forward to the road ahead and am so happy that I have my amazing 101 Instructor, Krissy, at my side.

– Brittney White