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Success Story of the Week – Benevides Ohana

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Success Story of the Week – Benevides Ohana

“I have been a student of 101 Financial for a very long time. I began my journey with the company in 2005. Yes, 8 years ago!  And I’m still in debt! You may be wondering… is that possible?

Well, here’s what happened.

When I initially signed up with 101, I had minimal debt. I had a couple credit cards and a small car loan. These things should have been paid off within a couple years. At the time I was only 24 years old, and I didn’t take these things seriously. Sure, I paid off the credit cards and eliminated some debt, but never fully cleared it all. You see, my greatest learning experience in this world of financial wonders is that this system is not the “miracle” fix that will do all the work for you and solve all your problems.  Jump ahead seven years…….

In July of 2012, my husband and I had our second child. I wanted so badly to be able to stay home with him. I thought, “sure, no problem, we can do this.” We don’t pay rent, nor do we have a mortgage. Yeah sure, we have some credit, but no big deal! WRONG! You see, when it came to doing our bills, I knew we had a good amount of credit card debt, but just assumed we’d pay it down as we go. I would avoid checking balances or writing the checks for the payments. I would have my husband do it because I just didn’t want to see.  Well, right after we had my son, I figured I should sit down and look at all our finances since I would not be having any income. Holy moly was I in for a surprise!

Not only did we accumulate about $50,000 in credit card debt, but we still had about $12,000 on a truck loan. AND to make matters worse, when I wrote down our expenses and bills, we had a NEGATIVE cash flow! So every month we were digging ourselves deeper and deeper in the hole. Talk about panic, depression, anxiety, and anger all at the same time.

What had we done?!  How could we do this to ourselves! We were both educated people that came from good families. How could this happen??  Well, that’s when I knew we had to do something drastic.  Now this is truly a testament to how awesome a company 101 Financial is. So I originally signed up in 2005, but was still here asking for support in 2013. I reached out to a friend who was on 101, and asked if they could ask their instructor how I could have a refresher and reorganize my life.  Keep in mind, the instructor who came to “save our lives” was not the same instructor that we signed up with.

So, financially, this instructor never received any type monetary compensation for doing this job. There were no questions or hesitations. She called me, set up an appointment, and came to our house to help us sort through the mess we had made. Nichole Inouye-Nohara is our angel that has helped save us!  She has returned that financial peace of mind to our family.  We are once again on track and know that we will get through this time of adversity.  Our total debt that we needed to conquer was about $70,000.  I have, at this time, returned to work part time to help create cash flow. We started back on the program in the end of February and have already brought down our debt by nearly  $10,000. I know! It’s what we call “crazy math”!

If we continue with our budget and projections, we are estimated to pay off this debt in two and a half years! My husband was so upset with me that I hadn’t requested the help earlier! Haha! This program has saved our lives. The biggest lesson I have learned is that this program is NOT a fix-all solution that solves all your problems by simply signing up! YOU have to put in the work. YOU have to be disciplined! YOU have to stick to your budget and be serious about it.

If YOU don’t do those things……YOU WILL DIG YOURSELF INTO A DEEPER DEBT! The greatest thing about 101 is that you have the support team to help you along the way to that place where you have the greatest gift of a financial peace of mind!

– Kamiki and Keola Benevides