Success Story of the Week – Anna Corpuz – 101 Financial

Success Story of the Week – Anna Corpuz

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Success Story of the Week – Anna Corpuz

Prior to 101 I was VERY unhappy.

“Debt controlled me every day. I was stressed, depressed and angry. I woke up with these emotions in the morning, and went to bed feeling this way for a long time.

101 Financial empowered me and I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I now could move forward and concentrate on the next step, building wealth. Knowing what I learned I used the same tools and strategies to start saving for my first home and start a home business simultaneously.

However the most important thing I can say is how 101 Financial has benefited me today…

Right now, times are hard. However, the system prepares you for life’s unanticipated events, especially if they come one after another.

The last two years have been filled with events that could have drastically affected my financial well being. A major car repair, illness that kept me from working, downsized from my second job and the continuing rise in the cost of living would’ve put me at the mercy of a government program for my family.

But because I have been living the 101 Financial way, I am doing just fine. It may seem grim at times, but simply applying the techniques and being smarter, causes me to be proactive instead of giving up.

This is called living with financial peace of mind. If I didn’t have 101 Financial in my life, I do not know where I’d be.”

— Anna Corpuz, Hawaii