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Student Success Story of the Week – Whit Germano

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Student Success Story of the Week – Whit Germano

I’ve always been great at following directions. Mom said, “Go to Kamehameha!” DONE. Kamehameha said, “Go to college!” DONE. The World said, “Get a job and put all your money in a bank account!” OKAY.

Credit Card Companies said, “Here’s a piece of plastic with plenty money on it!” YAAAY. And then I woke up one day with $30,000 in student loans and $18,000 in credit card debt. WHAT?

For 9 years after graduating from college, I lived paycheck to paycheck. After paying rent and living expenses, I’d pay every last dollar I had to student loans and credit cards. With no money left, I had to live off of those same credit cards for the rest of the month. Although I had a great credit score, it was a never ending cycle, my debt only increased.

I had a great paying job and always paid more than the minimum amounts to my creditors. Why was my debt not decreasing even though I was following all the directions provided?

I thought about filing for bankruptcy or using a debt consolidation program to start over, but never went through with it. At age 30 and single, I was extremely embarrassed about my situation and did my best never to talk about my financial struggles.

I met my 101 Financial Instructor, Rochelle Inouye, in September 2012 after filling out the free financial analysis at I trusted and felt comfortable talking to Rochelle from the moment we met.

She swiftly led me through the 99 Financial Program, and I was on the 101 Financial System by October 2012. I left each meeting with specific directions and tasks, which I appreciated. I followed each direction to a T, and called or emailed Rochelle anytime I had a question. She was (and continues to be) patient and encouraging through the entire process.

In 1 year since beginning the program, I have paid off $20,500 in debt by being smart with my money and living within my means. This program is amazing! I am so grateful to Rochelle and 101 Financial for showing me a better way of managing my debt. I can’t, and don’t want to, imagine where I’d be without 101. Financial Peace of Mind, here I come!

Whit Germano – Kahului, Maui