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Stressed in Paradise

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Stressed in Paradise

“I had the opportunity to work at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort in Maui on a temporary assignment during the spring of 2013.

From the moment the airplane landed I found myself in awe with the beauty and peacefulness of this island. I decided to move here in November of 2013, working with the same company yet a different job.

Maui provided me the personal peace I was looking for in my life, but the job was in an area that I had no experience. I was hired as a Concierge Specialist, booking activities for guests and owners.

Because it was a commission-based job, when I received the first paycheck I was in tears. I doubted my decision to move to Maui. On one hand I had peace of mind, and on the other hand I was stressed living in paradise.

I proceeded to work a part-time job to supplement my income since the money was not even close to what I was making in Orlando, Florida. Eventually a job opportunity opened up in my area of expertise dealing with customers face to face, which was not a commission-based job.

Even though the money was not equal to my salary in Florida, I found myself breathing a little bit easier. The struggle continued as life in Maui is so costly.

One morning a friend of mine Sandy mentioned this program she was about to join called 101 Financial. Once she joined the program she forwarded me their video. I looked at it and was very skeptical. “How can this be possible?” I asked. I even asked her if this was a scam, because I could not believe I could use the banks money to my own advantage.

She stated “It is not a scam. It is financial peace of mind.”

I decided to take the first step into my new stress-free financial life and contacted my Instructor Karen Patague. I started on the 99 Financial program. She taught me how to budget and live a life of financial freedom. I was no longer living paycheck to paycheck, and now I was able to enjoy my life in paradise without financial stress.

I am so thankful to my friend Sandy, Karen and 101 Financial for providing me with the tools to live a stress-free life in the Valley Isle of Maui.”

Nelson Placa