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Off to Find a Starter Home

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Off to Find a Starter Home

“The greatest thing that 101 Financial and the i101 system has offered both Christian and I is Hope. It gave us hope that one day we would be able to remain here in Maui, Hawai’i, settle down, and have a stable life not only for ourselves but for our future family as well.

Christian and I have been living the i101 system for about 2 years now and it has helped us tremendously set ourselves up for financial independence from our parents. When we first became clients, Christian and I were the typical college students. I had about $40,000 in deferred student loans and we had no mature debt that we were paying on. Don’t be mistaken, 101 Financial is not only for people who have debt. It is for everyone who wants to get into a better place financially and Christian and I realized that. We saw the true value of educating ourselves before we acquire large and cumbersome debts. It has shown us that there is a better and more efficient way to do our finances. Most especially, 101 Financial has encouraged us to shoot for the stars and has shown us that our goals and dreams are attainable. We just need to strategize and create a path to reach it.

Today, Christian and I are definitely on the right path to reaching our goals of financially independence and well as financial stability. We both have excellent credit scores in the high 700s and 800s. We strategically paid off all of my unsubsidized student loans and only have about $11,000 in subsidized loans to go. This past year, Christian and I were presented with an opportunity and were able to purchase outright a piece of vacant land on the Big Island. We were also able to qualify for a new car loan without the help of mom and dad less than a month ago. Amazingly with all the education and preparing that we did, today Christian and I have already paid off a third of our car loan and have estimated that we should be finished with both our car and student loans in about 6-8 months. Once those are out of the way, we will be off to find a starter home. We love the i101 system and are forever grateful that someone took the time to share this banking system with us. Thank you 101 Financial!”

— Christian Agsalog and Jodee Inouye, Maui, December 2009