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Because Some Things Money Can’t Buy

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Because Some Things Money Can’t Buy

“One night I was sitting down at Zippy’s with Alan, I asked Alan when did it happen? Alan asked what? I told Alan “I’m an angry guy!” “When did it happen? Alan looked at me puzzled but with a smile as he laughed and moved his utensils, saying “What?”

Yah the brain washing, because I don’t remember it happening. Alan laughs “what are you talking about?” with his cool lean back.

When I first went to see a presentation at the Neal Blaisdell center January 2010, I said to myself, “nobody can be this happy; they must be on something.”

Next time I went to a presentation was right before Instructor University at the Hilton a little over a year ago. Oh no another set of Happy Weirdo’s, only thing they are from another island. So I asked Alan again, when did it happen? Without letting him answer, I said “I remember myself as the angry guy driving thru traffic even having a bent steering wheel from hitting it so much, not caring about others, heck even knocking out a co-worker and sending him to the emergency room just for not starting on time”. I was the guy with stress and the person thinking, the more money you make, the more life gets easier?

This is how I saw and accepted myself as a person. I told myself back then, you not going find me acting happy like those people. But look at me now. I think I’m one of those Happy Weirdo’s. That’s not me.

So I went home and thought about it, why am I this way now? I already knew the answer before I even asked Alan. When did it happen? The answer is in this timeline, my patient Wife of almost 9 years, the birth of our two children, sixteen months of 101 FINANCIAL and 1 year of Church.

Thank you 101 Financial”

— Lori & Wes Chun, Hawaii