See the Light at the End of a Painfully Dark Tunnel

Tiffany and I started using the 101 Financial system in May 2021. Tiffany was introduced to the program by a contact in her Physician Assistant mom’s Facebook group.

From the first day we were blown away with the lessons of leveraging our finances to pay off debt. To date, we have paid $100,000 in debt, with aspirations to be debt free in five years. We loved the system so much that we asked to be instructors to help others reach their financial freedom.

101 Financial has changed the way we look at our finances. It has given us hope for a future where we can build generational wealth, and then pass that wealth, and knowledge to our children.

As healthcare providers we feel an obligation to bring this to our profession. These are dark days in the healthcare field. People are leaving their careers at an alarming rate, and we have an obligation to help.

We believe that this system can not only help to provide financial wellness, but also help healthcare professionals see the light at the end of a painfully dark tunnel.

– Tiffany and Ed Johnson