Saving Families – 101 Financial

Saving Families

Looking for a Few Good People

Big Hearts and a desire to help others required. Watch the 4 minute video below.

Saving Families is what we do…everyday. Join the 101 Team.

Benefits of Being a 101 Financial Instructor

“If you want to learn something… teach it.”
  • Be a part of a special team of people who are changing the world one family at a time
  • Save more families like yours
  • Increase your financial knowledge
  • Gain access to more training
  • Attend instructor universities
  • And much more…

Our 10 Core Values

  1. Lead With Your Heart and Serve.
  2. Be Humble and Grateful.
  3. Family Comes First.
  4. Do the Right Thing.
  5. Share the Message of Financial Hope Through Example.
  6. Care For Each Student and Instructor.
  7. Smile, Laugh and Have Fun.
  8. Do More With Less.
  9. Learn Something New Every day.
  10. Be OUTSTANDING in Everything We Do.

101 Motto

Do well by doing good.

101 Mission

Financial Peace of Mind for Everyone

101 Vision

We are a family of successful individuals forever committed to helping people experience financial peace of mind. We focus on providing outstanding service and training with integrity, honesty and respect for each of our Students and instructors every step of the way.


What We Do

We do two things:

1. Share a Message of Financial Hope
2. Share a Good Example to Follow


We take our BEST students, who also have a strong desire to help others, and teach them to become 101 Financial instructors.
Join our crusade to help families around the Nation experience financial peace of mind forever.

“In addition, the resources we obtained from being influenced by other instructors is limitless. And the icing on the cake is that we get to be apart of other people’s journey to financial peace. ”
Kris & Kris Knight, Master Instructors

“When I teach the 101 Financial classes, my heart is full of joy. I see the transformation of my students, the light-bulbs that go off in their heads, the hard work they put into making progress, and their success.  ”
— Tara Fukunaga, Master Instructor

“I feel grateful to be surrounded by so many positive, like-minded people in 101, we are truly a family supporting each other, traveling together and forever learning together so that we can continue to help families create a bright future for generations to come. It’s hard to even call it a “JOB”, I love what I do!”
— Kelli Racca, Master Instructor

 What’s Next?

1. Watch the 5-minute video on the top of the page

2. Watch & read all the Instructor success stories

3. Listen to Alan’s 18-minute recorded call:

     Call (605) 313-4896 and use pin 541043# then 4#