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Saving Families

Change your life while blessing others. Become a 101 Financial instructor and help us with our mission to save one million families.

We’ve helped over 53,000 students save over $1.5 billion in interest with over 250,000 classes taught during the last 21 years. And we’re just getting started.

Just a few reasons to be an instructor…

  • Work on your own schedule with flexible hours
  • Improve your own finances and grow cash flow
  • Gain additional financial and business training
  • Help others achieve financial freedom

I don’t want you to come work for me.
I want you to join our crusade!”

We're looking for people with BIG HEARTS to help us share financial literacy.

You’ve lived it.
Now help us help others.

You’ve seen firsthand the changes and financial peace of mind our 101 program brings. Now help us share that with others!

You only need three things to join:

  1. A recommendation from your instructor.
  2. Personal progress and success living the 101 program.
  3. A big heart and a desire to help others find that same peace of mind!

Do Well By Doing Good

That’s our 101 Financial instructor motto. It’s all about doing well yourself (financially and through fulfilling work) by helping others!

Control Your Own Growth

Only have a few hours a month or need to replace a full-time job? it’s totally up to you! There are no quotas or requirements.

Accelerate Financial Goals

Add a new revenue stream to your finances and deepen your own understanding of the 101 system. After all, you learn best what you teach!

Save Other Families

The need for financial literacy has never been greater. Join our crusade and help us eliminate financial stress for other families!

Company Culture

How did we get here? Our Values.

  1. Lead with your heart and serve
  2. Be humble and grateful
  3. Family comes first
  4. Do the right thing
  5. Share the message of financial hope through example
  6. Care for each student and instructor
  7. Smile, laugh and have fun
  8. Do more with less
  9. Learn something new every day
  10. Be OUTSTANDING in everything we do


Our Mission

Financial peace of mind for everyone


Our Motto

Do well by doing good


Our Culture

Our culture is OHANA (family)

Our Vision

We are a family of successful individuals forever committed to helping people experience financial peace of mind. We focus on providing outstanding service and training with integrity, honesty and respect for each of our Students and instructors every step of the way.


Our Story

Getting out of debt can feel overwhelming. At 101 Financial, we teach what many people don’t know about managing money, so they can make informed financial decisions and live full, happy lives.

3 Easy Steps to Becoming an Instructor

1. Get Recommended

The first step is just to get recommended by your instructor. Click the button below to let us know you want on our short list and we’ll get the process started!

2. Get the Details

Once you’ve been recommended, we’ll hop on a quick discovery call with you to answer any questions and make sure it’s a great fit all the way around.

3. Get Trained

Just like we trained you to be a student, we’ll train you to be an instructor! You’ll have everything you need for success along with access to our entire team.

Saving Families is what we do. Every day.

Join the 101 Team.

What are you waiting for?

I’m still learning. Can I do this?

You know what’s NOT required to be a 101 instructor? Knowing everything! As long as you’re a student who’s living the program and you’re seeing success and growth, you can do this.

Over the years, we’ve actually found that our instructors do the beset with the program because you always learn best what you teach. You’ll also be surrounding yourself with others who are committed to financial wellness and passionate about making the best financial decisions. Remember, “your net worth is tied to your network.”

Do I have what it takes to be an instructor?

The most important thing we look for when onboarding new instructors is a BIG HEART! Everything else we can provide you—and we do! Just like we trained you to be a student, we’ll train you to be an instructor, too. It only costs $49 to get started as an instructor and that covers all of the onboarding training, a personalized website that will give prospects all the info they need, a social media library of posts, and complete access to the 101 team for individualized support at every step. If you want to help other families gain financial peace of mind, we’ll make sure you’re set up for success.

I don’t know if I have time. Can I still help?

Being a 101 Financial instructor gives you complete control of your schedule. You can commit just a few hours a month or turn it into your full-time job—it’s entirely up to you because there are no quotas to hit. Think about how grateful you are for the time your instructor made to teach you; you can pay it forward by offering that same gift to other families on a schedule that works for your life!

Can I really make a difference?

Yes! We need more instructors because our crusade to eliminate financial stress is growing. To reach more people, WE NEED YOU! There is no better feeling than helping someone change their life and find financial peace of mind. And being an instructor also improves your own financial life by adding an additional revenue stream and giving you the understanding, tools, and access to take your own finances to the next level.

Can anyone become a 101 Financial instructor?

Only 101 Financial students are eligible to become instructors. We are looking for those who have successfully gone through the 101 Course and have found success in the system. Not a student yet? You can enroll here right now.

We need YOU!

Getting out of debt can feel overwhelming. At 101 Financial, we teach what many people don’t know about managing money, so they can make informed financial decisions and live full, happy lives.

We need your help to make that mission a reality. Join us today!

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