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Looking Forward to Retiring Sooner

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Looking Forward to Retiring Sooner

“The first time I heard about 101 Financial was at my sister’s home in October of 2007. My nieces Roberta and Erynn brought along their corporate trainer Earl Inouye and gave my sisters, my mom and I a presentation. I filled out my Free financial analysis, and was told I could pay off my debts in about 18 months by following the 101 Financial system versus the 5 years it would take me to do it conventionally. Because I had been fairly smart with my money up until this point, and didn’t have much debt at the time, I decided to try it on my own.

Fast forward 18 months, and I was still on the conventional track. In the meantime I heard about 101 Financial from a few other people. Two of my sisters had decided to give the system a try and were doing great and had gone on to become Instructors themselves, so I decided it was time to take a second look.

In April of 2009, I became a client and with just about $30k in debt, was given an estimated payoff time of 16 months. I was able to become completely debt free within 11months. I had paid off the remainder of my mortgage in less than a year! I was able to do this even with the unexpected expenses of my daughter deciding to attend UHH at Manoa, instead of home here in Hilo.

Since paying off our debts, we have been focusing on building our savings and I am looking forward to retiring a lot sooner than I had originally thought possible. Our lives are forever changed for the better because of 101 Financial and the education of the i101 System!”

— Val and Kido Galacgac – Hilo, HI – Since April, 2009