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Enjoying the Relief and Peace of Mind of Financial Freedom

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Enjoying the Relief and Peace of Mind of Financial Freedom

“My name is Ed Simeona and my wife Jackie and I have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Jackie grew up in her parents’ Hawaiian Homes (DHHL) home in Papakolea, and we have raised our children in the new DHHL Kalawahine Streamside subdivision since May of 2000.

Like most young Hawaiian families, first of all we needed both of our incomes to qualify for the loan to purchase our DHHL property back in 2000. Also, if it wasn’t for an OHA program in conjunction with FHB which gave us the ability to qualify for a second mortgage for the down payment, and the fact that Jackie’s parents gave us a substantial amount to provide assurances that we could afford the chosen unit, we may not be talking about this right now. Also like most young Hawaiian families we struggled with the debt of our new home, car loans, credit cards and daily living expenses of raising 6 children i.e. food, clothing, school, sports, utilities etc.

The burden began to get lighter when the older children started to move out on their own beginning in 2006 however we were still living paycheck to paycheck these past few years in our new DHHL home. Enter 101 Financial in August of 2010! In a chance meeting with our eventual instructor/mentors Merl and Darrylnn Ferreira, my wife and I were fortunate to have been exposed to the 101 Financial system. We were given in-home and one-on-one instruction and began using the ideas, tools, and system of 101 Financial in November of 2010.

I am happy to say that now in January of 2011 we have paid off (3) credit card balances, a personal $1700 loan for dental work, have already paid half of a 5 yr personal loan only begun in August 2010, and will pay off the second mortgage from FHB by the end of 2011. Together my wife and are ecstatic of what we have accomplished thus far and are looking forward to seeing the rest of our debt melt away in the next few years. More exciting than that is the prospect of being able to share this system and help our children secure a better future for themselves, and to help other young Hawaiian families enjoy the relief and peace of mind of financial freedom that we found through 101 Financial. The next step for the Simeona’s is to become instructor/mentors ourselves and get out and spread the word to as many families as we possibly can.

This 101 Financial system is a God send to the Simeona’s to that there is no doubt. Blessings and Aloha.”

— Edward K. Simeona, Oahu, Since August 2010